Doodles 2 to Launch on KYC'd NFT Blockchain Flow

Doodles 2, the new mainstream Doodles collection, will launch on Dapper Labs' Flow blockchain on January 31.

Doodles 2
Doodles 2

Doodles 2, the new mainstream Doodles collection, will launch on the Flow blockchain on January 31.

What Are Doodles?

Doodles launched in October 2021 with 10k Ethereum NFT avatars designed by artist Scott “Burnt Toast” Martin. Today, the original Doodles avatars have an $11k floor price. Last year Doodles signed Pharrell Williams and bought an animation studio, and they intend to build out a universe of games and content featuring the Doodles brand.

Doodles 2 Details

The Doodles 2 collection will feature full-body characters in the Doodles art style that collectors mint through a KYC'd app. The characters have clothing and style options that are reflected on-chain, and collectors will be able to change their avatar's outfits without paying gas fees. Doodles 2 holders will have the option of displaying their NFTs as profile pics or full body avatars.

Doodles 2 clothing options
Doodles 2 clothing options

Pricing for Doodles 2 NFTs is not clear yet, but these are expected to be more common and accessible. For instance, the first set of wearable NFT boxes was released as a 4k limited run priced at $123 over the summer. Another 20k boxes were sold for .508 ETH each and now a box costs .2 ETH on OpenSea. I'm expecting more NFTs per drop and lower prices soon.

Doodles 2
Doodles 2

Doodles 2 Is Aiming for Mass Adoption

Doodles moving to Flow suggests the devs are preparing for mainstream adoption and expecting the company’s media arm to build that audience. Flow is Dapper Labs' proprietary blockchain, made famous by hosting the NBA Top Shot NFT collection.

Original sales of Flow blockchain NFTs require a credit card, and as far as I can tell, re-sales of Flow NFTs require a credit card too. Flow NFT traders don't manage crypto wallets or deal with signing transactions. Dapper Labs basically offers e-commerce for NFTs.

So why would Doodles want to go mainstream? That's where the next wave of adoption will be. Mainstream NFT adoption is going to look a lot more like Reddit's Collectible Avatars than Bored Apes.

Doodles made its name as a classic NFT collection with rare NFTs, but normal people aren't going to pay $10k for a JPEG. Normal people pay $10-100 for NFTs at Reddit, and it makes sense that they'd pay the same for Doodles 2 NFTs.