NFT Tickets: NFT Super Bowl Tickets, Coachella's Lifetime NFT Tickets

Both the NFL and Coachella rolled out plans to integrate NFTs with their ticketing. Coachella's version will be lifetime tickets.

NTF Tickets: NFT Super Bowl Tickets, Coachellas Lifetime NFT Tickets
Photo by Adrian Curiel / Unsplash

It’s not news to anyone that NFTs are becoming more mainstream, but now their function is beginning to expand beyond the mere trade of expensive .jpegs; namely, to include event ticketing. The NFL recently announced that they are giving out customized NFT tickets to people attending Super Bowl LVI. They have also partnered with Ticketmaster to launch a series of “historic commemorative” NFTs and plan to mint NFTs celebrating the winner of the game.

The NFL experimented with “virtual commemorative ticket NFTs” earlier in the season, and according to the league, they “witnessed great success.”

The NFL isn’t the only one experimenting with NFT ticketing. Coachella, one of the largest music festivals in the US, announced this week that they were auctioning off NFTs that come with lifetime festival passes and “access to Coachella-produced virtual experiences forever.” They’re planning to auction off 10 of these NFTs, called the ‘Coachella Keys Collection.’

Coachella Keys Collection #01 Lifetime NFT Ticket
Coachella Keys Collection #01

To launch this project, Coachella “partnered with FTX US to build an environmentally friendly marketplace on Solana.” Recently, FTX launched an NFT marketplace, and has raised money to build that marketplace out.

At the time of writing this article, the most recent bid on the Coachella Key Collection NFT is $55,000.