ConsenSys Raises $200M at a $3.2B Valuation

New York based company ConsenSys, makers of MetaMask, raised $200M this week from investors, and the CEO is considering launching a MetaMask token.

ConsenSys Raises $200M at a $3.2B Valuation
Photo by Shane / Unsplash

New York based company ConsenSys raised $200M this week from investors including Coinbase Ventures, Marshall Wace, and HSBC at a $3.2B valuation. ConsenSys is well known in crypto for making MetaMask and the popular developer tool Infura. Over the past year, Infura grew from 100k to 250k users, and MetaMask hit a monthly user base of 21M.

The company plans to use the money to hire 400 new employees, expand their operations into Asia, and put more focus on driving the mainstream adoption of NFTs.

Beyond just the user growth making headlines, MetaMask has been in the news because CEO Joseph Lubin recently discussed. the possibility of launching a native token, and many users are hopeful they’ll make a profit from a MetaMask airdrop. While there is no promise of them launching a token, most recent token airdrops have been issued based on use. A strategy to get some amount of airdrop would be to transfer some tokens to the MetaMask wallet, do some swaps via their native token swap in the browser extension, and interact with web3 projects using MetaMask.