Whales aren’t shook

Ethereum whales are buying up more crypto as it crashes.

Whales aren’t shook
Photo by vivek kumar on Unsplash

While crypto has been in free fall, whales have been on a buying spree, now holding more than 20% of all Ethereum---the last time it was this concentrated was back in 2017.  10% of those coins were bought since the crash down from ETH’s recent all time high.

Even hungry whales couldn’t save the market though, as Ethereum is down 21% in the past month.  ETH has blow past previous support levels down under $1,800.

With proof of staking coming soon, and news that Ethereum settled $2.5 Trillion on chain in Q2 of 2021, whales seem satisfied with where it's going, and even happier with where it's at.


  • Ethereum settled $2.5 Trillion in Q2 of 2021
  • Whales own >20% of ETH
  • ETH down 21% in the past month
  • Currently, ETH is under $1800(!)